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Individual Coaching
August 2023 - please note, I am no longer accepting new clients.

Initial Session | 75 minutes | $150

The initial meeting is all about getting to know one another and cultivating a brave space. During the first session, we'll review your overall history through a full nutrition assessment. We’ll get curious about your past and present relationship with food and body. By fully understanding your food preferences and any needs you have, we'll be able to start taking steps towards food freedom and body liberation.

Follow Up Session | 50 minutes | $120

In our follow up session, we will talk about the journey. In Intuitive Eating, there is no right or wrong. We’ll learn from all the challenges and triumphs! You will ultimately become in tune with your own body, and use it’s cues and wisdom to guide pleasurable eating, and freedom from food worry.

Bundle Option: Initial Consultation + 5 Follow Up Sessions | $675

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may benefit from my bundle! While a few individuals find 2-3 appointments are enough to get them on track, many people benefit from more frequent counseling sessions, reporting they have felt greater accountability, growth and integration of new principles and habits. If you’re feeling ready to dive right in and commit, snag this  deal and save $75!

Ready to get started with me?

Intuitive Eating in the Kitchen Group Program

An online group program for people who want to work on their relationship with food, while building confidence cooking in the kitchen!
Available virtually on an ongoing basis.

Is this you?

  • You are fed up with dieting, but don’t know how to trust your body
    You know you could benefit from meal planning, but you find the idea stressful or boring
  • You’re interested in the idea of Intuitive Eating, but don’t know where to start
  • You find yourself thinking, “I just need some structure”
  • You want to enjoy a wider variety of foods and increase your confidence cooking in the kitchen

Many of my clients associate meal planning with dieting and dread. They think of Sunday meal prep and eating the same boring meal for days in a row. Others are overwhelmed by the idea of cooking at all. This makes it difficult to honor hunger and eat consistently to fuel your body.

While there are many Intuitive Eating programs to choose from, few of them incorporate the hands-on skills of cooking and increasing your confidence in the kitchen.

Understanding the idea of Intuitive Eating is one thing, but it’s not until we get hands on that progress starts to happen. My online group program gives you the education on the basic principles of Intuitive Eating. I take it one step further and turn this education into wisdom by incorporating the body. Each week we will embody the practice through group cooking classes, meal planning brainstorms, guidance around real time body cue awareness, and role playing to practice using the tools and language of Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating
in the Kitchen Package


What's Included:

–Six 90 minute virtual sessions; combination of educational and group cooking content
–Three in-depth educational sessions teaching and practicing the basic principles of Intuitive Eating
–Three interactive group cooking classes complete with grocery list, recipes, snack ideas and how to incorporate variety
–Playlists and podcasts for your kitchen ambiance
–Handouts, assignments and resources to advance your practice on the principles of Intuitive Eating
–Community support and a brave space free from weight-stigma and food-shaming.

**All live classes will be recorded and shared. Cost of food and individualized nutrition advice is not included.

In this 6 week online group program, you can expect to:

  • Learn and practice the basic principles of Intuitive Eating: honor your hunger, feel your fullness, make peace with food and discover the satisfaction factor
  • Learn how to meal plan from an anti-diet, flexible, and self-care mindset.
  • Cook 3 new recipes together and increase your confidence in the kitchen!
  • Explore new cultures and cuisines while centering your satisfaction
    Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and have fun cooking together in the kitchen!

Be Body Positive Group Sessions

4 week sessions | 120 min. | $250 | No drop-ins 
Nowadays, it seems that everyone is unhappy with their bodies and appearance. Have you ever wondered why? Diving in to the competencies of the Be Body Positive model allows us to divert our energy away from meeting society’s unattainable beauty standards and shifts our focus to experiencing real self-love, connection and vitality.

During our time together we will engage in group work, meditation, and exercises that encourage us to differentiate our values, from those that we have subconsciously internalized from society. This Be Body Positive Group will provide you the fundamentals you need in transforming your relationship with yourself to one that is guided by love, acceptance and authenticity.

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