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I help women find peace with food and show their bodies appreciation.
As a nutrition professional practicing from a weight-inclusive and trauma-informed lens, I am here to offer personalized options tailored to you.

My philosophy is that health is a highly individualized journey, and we need to treat it this way. I use science and compassion to provide guidance and support in helping you find your flow with food and body. By diving deep into your experience, together we define what health means to you. I provide and help you utilize the best resources available to you to develop a trusting and sustainable relationship with food



Fostering an environment of belonging, collaboration and empowerment. 


Centering lived experience and empowering individuals to honor their unique personality, values, and spirit. 

Team Work

Collaborating as a community of healthcare professionals and centering the individual as the main part of the team.

Social Justice

Advocating to create a more honest and inclusive space in the world of healthcare by addressing accessibility, culture, and identity in food and body justice.

If you’re feeling ready to thrive, I invite you to connect with me!

I believe that food plays a role in mental, physical, and social/cultural health. Food is about nourishing our bodies, not punishing them. It’s also about celebration, tradition, gathering and so much more. When we can expand our definition of health to include broader contexts, we are freed from the guilt and shame that diet culture puts on our plate.

While food is a component of vitality, it’s not the sole ingredient. I consider the bigger picture like social determinants of health and your unique story. I take into account your lived experience, history, and patterns around food and body.

My role in your journey is to provide you with the guidance, education and compassion you deserve in order to find your flow with food. We explore the basic components of food and body from a scientific, yet simple and individualized model. Through this work, you'll strengthen trust in your body and learn how to listen to what it needs.

A Few Fun Facts

A bit about my why...

Like many of the clients that step foot in my office, I too have a chapter in my story all about struggling with food and body image.

It starts with a teenage Natalie, who subscribed to all kinds of fad diets and restrictive eating patterns in an attempt to fit in. Like you, I believed our culture when it told me I would be happier if I was smaller. Diet after fad diet, the only thing that shrunk was my self-respect.

These patterns with food were later masked as “health” in my 20’s. When it came time to choose a career path, my love for people landed me with a degree in psychology. Still interested in food (for all the wrong reasons), I received a Master’s in Human Nutrition.

It wasn’t until I entered the field, started absorbing the stories of my clients, and seeing firsthand the harm that exists in healthcare that I really started to learn.

I learned about weight-stigma, social determinants of health, and the evidenced- based frameworks like Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size. Through the work of those before me, I was finally able to heal my relationship with food, and more importantly, self.

So my 'why' is simple. It’s for the teenage girl I was, and the community of people that share this part of my story. My why is about changing the narrative around food and body. It’s about bringing culture, experience, celebration and joy back into the art of food. It’s about empowering confidence in your life and being benevolent to your body.

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