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I'm on a mission to help women reconnect with their internal body cues.
As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I provide education, support, and deep listening as you rebuild your own body trust and cultivate a peaceful relationship with food.

With this approach, you will do away with food rules and rigid thinking. Instead, our work together will center on discovering your own individualized nutrition and self-care behaviors to fully nourish your mind, body, and soul.

If you’re feeling ready to thrive, I invite you to connect with me!

If you’re feeling ready to thrive, I invite you to connect with me!

Each and every one of us is unique and special. Personal health is therefore a highly individualized journey. Modern diet culture disconnects us from this truth by emphasizing one-size-fits-all fads, miracle fixes, and unrealistic body images.

We all have within us the tools we need to cultivate happy and healthy lives, but many times we feel unsure about how to access them. My role in your health journey is to provide the support and guidance you need as you lean into your own intuition. Together we'll explore your history and patterns, as well as your relationship with food and your body. Through this work, you'll strengthen your trust in your body and learn how to listen to what it needs.

We explore the basic components of food from a scientific, yet simple model. By committing to this approach, you will intuitively practice gentle nutrition and mindful movement. This means your body will live in a state of stability and trust. You will get from food all the nutrients your body needs, while allowing for flexible and pleasurable eating experiences.

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A Few Fun Facts

A bit about my why...

My journey to health begins from a common story. Early in high school, I started restricting food and increasing my exercise. The drive for these behaviors was not to be "healthy”--it was simply to fit in and to find outside acceptance. I, like many young females, thought that if I could make my body smaller, I would be popular and desirable.

This attempt to fit in didn’t only hijack my body, but it infiltrated my soul and the core of who I was for over 15 years. And you know what? I wasn’t any more popular (or happy) in the end than when I started.

It wasn’t until I discovered Intuitive Eating that things started to make sense for me. Though it centers on food and one’s relationship to it, it really encompasses so much more than that-- the process asks you to articulate your priorities and life and to be who you really are, no matter how scary that might be.

Now, as I look back on this time in my life, I'm grateful for the experience and that I eventually recognized and took action to become the woman I am today. A woman who is confident in her life and benevolent to her body.

So my 'why' is simple. It’s for the teenage girl I was, and for all of the young women who will resonate with this story. It’s for starting to live an authentic and happy life as soon as you can. It’s about taking care of yourself, and your body, so that you can tap into your journey, and thrive!

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