DITCH #dietculture

Fully embrace your body's benevolence.

Fed up with diets doing you wrong?
Ready to strengthen your relationship with food?

Rejecting diet culture to tune in to our own bodies can be a challenging, yet empowering, journey.

It took courage for you to find this site and read these words.
It will take even more courage to lean in and start our work together– but I’m here to hold a brave space for you and support you throughout that journey.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I help women find peace with food and show their bodies appreciation. As a certified Intuitive Eating counselor, I am your guide, your support system. I will teach you to use your own internal body cues to develop a loving, enjoyable and sustainable nutrition plan that you treasure. 

My philosophy is that health is a highly individualized journey, and we need to treat it this way. We all have within us the exact tools we need to cultivate happy and healthy lives. However, the diet culture we live in has disconnected us from this belief.

How I can help

Individual Coaching

All of my nutrition services are offered from the Health At Every Size framework. I offer an initial consultation and follow-up sessions focused on your unique needs. Bundles and custom Comprehensive Intuitive Eating packages are also available to you as well.

Group Coaching

I run Intuitive Eating and Be Body Positive groups continuously throughout the calendar year, focusing on collective appreciation for our benevolent bodies.

Consulting + Presentations

I am passionate about providing the education and awareness key to decreasing the growing incidence of eating disorders among both youth and adults.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you'd like to learn more about working together, book a free consultation with me.

Little Love Notes

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